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Senior Staff

L to R Back Row C. Parker, R. Niwa, T, Hummon, P. Walker, J. Klein
L to R Middle Row T. Midtgaard, A. Ingman, Wendy, L. Ingram, K. Murphy, C. J. Tillman
Front Row Our 2019 Cadet Corp

USS Las Vegas Senior Staff

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Admiral/Founder: Paul Walker

Captain: Robert Niwa

Executive Officer: Aly Ingman

Chief Of Ops: Ty Hummon 

Chief Science Officer: Marcus Chin

Chief Medical Officer: Carol Jean Tillman

Ships Counselor  Charles Parker

Enrichment Officer: Maryanne Flasch

Retired Captain: Douglas Alexander 

Chief Tactical Officer: Roger Hasbany

Chief of Security: Ty Hummon

 Sergeant At Arms: Edward Millard

Chief Helmsman:  Roger Hasbany

Chief Records /J.A.G. Officer Pat Arthur

Chief Communications Officer: Leslie Dillard

Chief Media Information Officer: C.J. Mathews

Official Klingon Ambassador: Patricia Burrett