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Chief Science Officer Marcus Chin

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Star Trek, ever since I discovered TNG as a child. The allure of exploration, faster than light travel, and the mysteries of the vast universe has always captivated me.

Astrophysics, quantum theory, and other scientific disciplines have always piqued my interest. Understanding the mechanics of nature down to its core components has always motivated me to learn. With a healthy interest in engineering from my father, I have always loved what Star Trek represented in terms of space travel and all the challenges that come with it, including the odd space battle.   

I guess I’ve always been a big science fiction, and fantasy fan, enjoying almost all forms of the genres, with Star Trek always at its core. Maybe I’m just a huge nerd.

Looking forward to serving you as your Chief Science Officer, delivering science reports on varied topics, and continuing to provide updates on the current nature of our scientific community.