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Executive Officer Aly Ingman

I have been a Trekkie since I was 9 or 10 years old. I was flipping through television channels
when I came across a guy in a red suit with a visor over his eyes, sitting at the con of the bridge. I
asked my mother what that thing was over his eyes. She said ‘Oh, that lets him see. He’s blind.’
A blind guy flying a ship?! I was instantly hooked. I spent the next several years watching 5 nights
a week at 7pm, with new episodes on Monday nights at 9pm…

I took a break from Trek for awhile in my 20s – life just got in the way. But I returned to it at the
age of 29, when I spent a year and 9 months in Nashville, TN, and never looked back. It had long
been my dream to move to Vegas, and I did so in 2010. Been an active member of the club on and
off since then (school got in the way). As Chief of Operations/Chief Enrichment Officer I look
forward to implementing many of the away missions and special programs I have been dreaming
up for years.