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Captain Robert J. Niwa





My interest in Star Trek started about 20 years ago. I was born the same year the original series went on television 45 years ago this September 8th. I think it has always been it’s optimistic vision of the future that I found “Fascinating”. I actually moved to Las Vegas because of Star Trek. I saw in a old issue of the “Star Trek Communicator” magazine, A small story describing a new attraction Paramount had planned for Las Vegas. I made the decision to leave Seattle and move here in 1992. It was then I realized I might have moved to soon.


On January 4th 1998 six years later the attraction finally after delay after delay opened to the public. I was one of the original opening crew of this wonderful place called Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. I worked there on and off for 5 and a half years until it closed on Sept 1st 2008. I miss the people and the unique coolness of the place. I collect Star Trek memorabilia and along with my partner have quite a collection building. I joined the USS Las Vegas  8 years ago to further my interest in Star Trek. I attend every year the conventions and have even worked for vendors involved with the convention circuit. I will never be over my enjoyment of the franchise and hope to be involved with the USS Las Vegas as her Captain  for a good long time.

Boldly going.